You know the old proverb. All work and no workout makes Jack in Accounts a dull boy. Well, all that stuff about a healthy mind needing a healthy body has never been truer. Which is why there’s never been a better time to think about the workout/life balance, or as we prefer to call it your Gymbox corporate membership.

Especially in a gym that isn’t like a gym but a place where working out has been re-designed to feel like going out. Nett result, your staff won’t just leave here fitter and healthier, they’ll come into work energised, inspired, and excited. And what could that do for your business?

Think about it. If together we deliver on all the key metrics (sweatiest classes in London, unapologetic hard slog, and lung-busting FUN), what’s going to happen to motivation and productivity?

The Gymbox motto is play harder. In this case it’s because those who play harder, work harder. Ready to take a look around?


The truth is we’re not a very corporate bunch at Gymbox. Ironic as we’re trying to convince you about the merits of corporate membership. But that’s exactly the point. Getting the most out of your workforce is all about knowing when to send them to an Excel Spreadsheet Symposium and when to give them the freedom of London’s most energising and invigorating gyms.

Even though we’re not the most corporate, we think you’ll approve of our work(out) ethic. It started in 2004 when we invited anyone who disliked identikit health clubs as much as we did to a car park in Holborn. It was time to start doing fitness our way.

That was when we unveiled our business plan. We hired the architectural legends behind the world-famous Hacienda nightclub in Manchester and turned our car park into a gym like no other.

A decade later we have ten all round London. Each Gymbox is completely unique, each home to the most diverse range of classes in town. There’s pilates, dance, spin, yoga, funtional classes, along with Olympic sized boxing rings, combat cages, out-of-this-world free weights sections, live DJs and larger-than-life personal trainers. After all what stimulates the body stimulates the mind stimulates the balance sheet.

If you’d like to find out more about the business case for getting really hot and sweaty, let’s meet. We won’t force you to sit through a PowerPoint presentation (they’re against company policy). But we might force you to do an extra pull-up. That’s good for business. Yours.


Everyone knows a business’ most valuable assets go up and down in the lift. Our only question is why are they using the lift. What’s wrong with the staircase?

Take out a Gymbox corporate membership and your staff could sprint up it, hop up it or carry 40-kilo weights up it (in each hand).

Everyone knows the fitter you are, the sharper you are, the more productive you are. Less days off sick too.

We’ve another theory. Our classes are not the run-of-the-treadmill stuff you get in other gyms. They’re original, unusual and challenging (in a really fun and sweaty way). A lot of thought goes into Flatline or Strongman, or any of the 110 classes we run every week. The result you walk out of a Gymbox class buzzing.

And you’re still buzzing when you get back to the office.


So what’s Gymbox? Anything and everything that we believe has a sweatier than average chance of motivating your staff.

That’s a choice of 110 classes every week, with the guarantee there’s something for everyone. Pilates, dance, spin, yoga, functional classes, poledancing, all kinds of circuits ... An inexhaustible supply of ways to workout, run by an army of Very Personal Trainers (very loud, very perspirational, very inspirational).

Then there are the best free weights rooms in London, Olympic-sized boxing rings, sparring, funtional areas and cage fighting in real cages. All the latest state-of-the-art equipment a gym should ever have.

We also have 2000 tracks on our playlist, one for every sit-up, and DJ’s playing live every night of the week. A vibe that’s nightclub not fightclub.


The good news is if you’ve got an office close to any of these we’ve got a Gymbox.

Cannon Street
Covent Garden
Elephant and Castle
Old Street
Westfield Shepherd’s Bush
Westfield Stratford


So now you understand the commercial value of sending your people to a nightclub at lunchtime where they can go tyre flipping or sledge pulling. But how do you pay for it? Easy. There are two ways: either the company pays or the employee does, and always at a bespoke corporate rate.


Everything’s as flexible as a 3-week veteran of Vinyasa Yoga. Transfer memberships between departing and new employees. Add new memberships with a price guarantee. Do it all through our uber-friendly group administration department.


Simple to set up through our group administration department.

Ways to pay

Company Invoice - Company pays by annual or monthly invoice.
Company Direct Debit - Company pays through a monthly BACS payment.
Employee Payroll - Employee pays Gymbox directly using one of the options above, and company pays employee though payroll scheme.


Set up initially through the company and based on a guaranteed number of employees signing up. Membership can then continue directly between Gymbox and employee.

Ways to pay

Gymbox One-Year / 6 Month / 3 Month Plan – Make a one-year commitment. Pay the signing-up fee, then continue with monthly payments for the first year. When the year’s up, pay monthly.
Gymbox “Pay As You Go” Membership – Pay by the month (plus a signing-up fee) with the freedom to opt out at a month’s notice.

Make Contact

By now we’re hoping you’ve reached the same conclusion as us: business people who say they haven’t got time to workout aren’t doing their jobs properly. The 45 minutes that energise you are the ones that inspire you, and your staff. Come and take a closer look. Get in touch today. As it’s corporate we can have a serious discussion about your P&L’s (that’s how to Profit from Loss of sweat). Email [email protected] for enquiries.